Food Safety & Environmental Practices

At Scott Farms, we recognize the importance of a first-rate food safety program that encompasses both food safety and sanitation practices. We integrate innovative quality control technology into virtually every aspect of our sweet potato growing, packing, and shipping business. A clean, safe crop is good for us, the environment, the produce buyer or foodservice provider, as well as the consumer of our nutritious sweet potatoes.

We have a comprehensive program in place, from growing to packing and from processing to shipping. At the same time, we realize that quality and safety go hand-in-hand. In order to produce what we consider a “quality” product, care must be taken to protect not only the appearance and taste of our sweet potatoes, but also their integrity as a food that is safe to eat.

Over the years, Scott Farms has sought out the research capabilities and expertise of North Carolina State University.  This, along with working with other consultants, has been invaluable as we constantly strive for a more efficient operation and the development of a high yielding, top-quality sweet potato that will be more appealing to the consumer and profitable to our operation.

Scott Farms has earned both GLOBALGAP +GRASP and USDAGAP certifications, which also attests to the environmental and social stewardship programs of our company. In addition to having certified nutrient management programs for our farming operations, our family-owned corporation is also heavily involved in reforestation of the large area of woodlands on our property, re-seeding them with pine trees.

Over the years, our family has also adopted wildlife programs that now attract turkeys, rabbits, ducks, birds, and other wildlife to the areas surrounding our farming and forestry operations.

As an agricultural business, we carefully adhere to federal laws and regulations to ensure the protection of workers. In some cases, we choose to place an even higher standard within our own company. The major areas protected by these standards are pesticides, child labor, sanitation, and labor laws.

At Scott Farms, we recognize that our environmentally-friendly farming operation not only benefits our current business but is critical to the success of the future generations of the Scott Farms family.