Sweet Potato Varieties

Grown with the strictest standards of quality, our sweet potatoes are nurtured throughout their development. From our micro-propagation and bedding houses to the packing line and all points between, we control the process that brings our customers the best product available.

While most sweet potato packer/shippers offer a single variety to their commercial customers, Scott Farms offers multiple varieties, each with its own unique appearance and taste. Whether its orange or white flesh, red or purple skin, you can source anything you need from Scott Farms.

A bushy variety, the Covington, is very uniform in shape with exceptional results. A high-quality eating variety, it has rose-colored skin that is slightly darker than Beauregard with a moist, orange flesh.
Murasaki (Japanese)
Having a dark red skin and dry, starchy flesh, this long-season, bushy variety has high yield potential and also stores well.
The most recent variety at Scott Farms, the Purple (yet to be named) is purple skinned with a vibrant deep purple flesh. A great accent or desert option where the beautiful color adds flair to any dish.